Beto and the Fairlanes continue to attract and entertain a wide variety of fans with their unique blend of Latin Jazz, Swing and World Beat music. They have remained one of the most original groups ever to come out of Austin . Viva Beto!..., The International Band Of Texas !


Beto and the Fairlanes (sometimes known as Beto y los Fairlanes) began in the late 70's as a dance-party-jam-band that mostly performed the compositions of Robert "Beto" Skiles", the group's leader, pianist and stand up comedian. With excellent musicianship, very danceable rhythms and a large dose of humor, Beto and the Fairlanes became enormously popular among a surprising mix of music lovers. Dancing to Beto beneath the stars became a truly " Austin " experience. The legendary venues of that time such as "The Armadillo World Headquarters," "Liberty Lunch" and "Soap Creek" provided the catalyst for local bands like "Beto", “ Stevie Ray Vaughn", "Asleep At The Wheel" and "Jerry Jeff Walker" to develop Austin's own unique style and culture.   This incredible hot bed of artists, in turn, inspired the creation of the groundbreaking music show "Austin City Limits".
From these fertile beginnings, the popularity of Beto and the Fairlanes continues to grow. Their sixth CD: "Conga Dog" is classic Beto: a fun mix of original music that will delight concert audiences as well as pack the dance floor! Viva Beto! 

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